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Who we are


Migration Matters EAST as been developed by GYROS a frontline vulnerable migrant, refugee and asylum support service located in the East of England.

The concept of an East of England 'hub' originated during a four-year Lottery funded partnership with other frontline delivery partners. We soon realised other frontline, community-led, grassroots organisations could benefit from a central function that provides peer support for those in the lead, as well as practical expertise and shared knowledge.

Thus, we envisaged a regional 'hub' offering support, training and expertise to other organisations working with CALD communities and clients within the east of England.


Dr Louise Humphries
Louise has been involved with GYROS since 2011. Having focused on the research and transformation element of the CPP Lottery project she has been central to developing Migration Matters East as a legacy and to ensure that in the future, small frontline migration organisations have support to continue to evolve to meet the needs of local communities. 

Fiona Costello

Sona Nikoghosyan

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