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Who we are


Migration Matters EAST has been developed by GYROS from The Community Pathways Partnership (CPP), which is a four-year Lottery funded project comprising of three core partners – (GYROS, ACCESS and Keystone Development Trust) providing frontline delivery, research, monitoring, evaluation, learning function and strategic transformation expertise.


Over the last few years, GYROS has worked with a number of local and regional organisations to develop wider partnership bids and, through this contact became aware that other frontline, community-led, grassroots organisations could benefit from a central function that provides peer support for those in the lead, as well as practical expertise and shared knowledge.

Thus, we envisaged a regional 'hub' offering support, training and expertise to other organisations working with CALD communities and clients within the east of England.

In Autumn 2021 we secured funding from the UK Communities Foundation to develop Migration Matters EAST into a functioning entity.  We plan to officially launch it later in 2022. 

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